Welcome to our new gaming forum site: Tautauhan!

This site is meant for gamers to share their insights on their favorite hobby with fellow players and enthusiasts, as well as would be wargamers. Please feel free to look around and register. Once approved, take the time to participate in forum discussions on specific hobby of interest. Our aim is to promote this forum to old and new players alike in a friendly and encouraging way, by providing game tactics discussions, rule clarifications or other aspects such as painting tips, club updates and setting up game schedule with other players. We do emphasize being friendly and encouraging in your forum posts, as this will make fellow enthusiasts feel welcome and at home thus themselves promoting the hobby to new interested players. Our end goal is to have fun in doing our hobby and Tautauhan to be one of the tools in achieivng this.


DISCLAIMER: We who are responsible for the forum and website name Tautauhan.com, fully apologize for the confusion and conflict the name similarity with an event name on another wargaming forum. The tautauhan painting event organizers and founders had nothing to do with our choice of website name and forum name and in no way connected in whatever form or function. We are both independent entity and will stay so.